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Rules and Regulations for Signs in Athens

Hi Athens!With the coming of summer, you might have noticed a lot more signs throughout the city. Signs for summer sales, events, and even just a lot more signs being placed on buildings (it is the construction season, after all).


Fire Chief John McQueary Honored For 10 Years of Faithful Service

On Monday, Mayor Monte Montgomery, and the Athens City Council honored Chief John McQueary for his faithful service in Athens as the Chief of the Athens Fire Department. Chief McQueary is retiring after 10 years of employment with the City.The


Everything You Need to Know about Door-to-Door Sales In Athens

The City has received quite a few Facebook questions regarding door-to-door sales.  We hope this short FAQ will help clear some of the confusion about how door-to-door sales works in Athens.Why does the City regulate this?The City regulates itinerant vendors as