City of Athens FY 2020 Audit Review


City of Athens FY 2020 Audit Review

The Athens City Council received great news from its auditor Monday night.

Kent Willis of Patillo, Brown & Hill, LLP told council members this year's annual audit resulted in an unmodified opinion, which he said was, "the highest level of assurance we can provide."

"That's really as good as it can get for an audit in governmental finances," he said.

Willis praised the work of Director of Finances Mandie Quigg.

"Mandie and her team are top notch," he said.

The City didn't go through just one audit this year. Because of the amount of federal grant funds the City received, a second audit of those funds was required.

Again, the City got an unmodified opinion, which Willis said wasn't common when auditing grants.

"To have a clean audit is commendable," he said.

While the audits concentrate on bookkeeping and accounting procedures, Willis also added that the City is "sitting at a very financially healthy position."

Mayor Monte Montgomery said the audit was "all good news for the council."