City Of Athens Opens Comment Period For New Building Codes


City Of Athens Opens Comment Period For New Building Codes

In anticipation of a building code up date, the City of Athens is reaching out to contractors, developers and tradespeople in the hope that they can give feedback on the 2018 International Building Codes (including building, residential, plumbing, and mechanical codes) and the 2017 National Electric Code.

“It’s important for the City to understand from our development community if there are areas within the codes that we might want to closely evaluate as we look to adopt our new codes,” said Director of Public Services Ryan Adams.  “We have the opportunity to make amendments to the codes so that they better fit the needs of our community.  Getting feedback from those that have used the 2018 International Building Codes in other cities will be invaluable to us.”

The City is looking for the feedback to include any amendment recommendations for the code or any general areas of concern.  The city is evaluating the following codes published by the International Code Council:

-       2018 International Building Code

-       2018 International Residential Code

-       2018 International Plumbing Code

-       2018 International Mechanical Code

-       2018 International Fuel and Gas Code

-       2018 International Fire Code

-       2018 International Energy Conservation Code

-       2017 National Electric Code

All feedback may be emailed to the City at Questions about building codes may be directed to the Development Services Department by calling 903-677-6615.