Damage Assessment Data Collection


Damage Assessment Data Collection

Yesterday, the Governor announced a statewide effort to collect damage assessment data for this unprecedented event. This information is being collected to help officials across the state gain an understanding of damages for individuals throughout Texas. EMCs will have direct access to all reporting via WebEoc on the Recovery Common Operating Picture Board.

Our objective in this effort is to demonstrate the scale of this disaster at the local level. As such, this will be a local effort with support from the state. Consider pushing out the access link and QR code on social media for the best results. Our previous use of this product has yielded excellent results in multiple large disasters. With this detailed information, we will be able to demonstrate the total impact statewide.

Link:   https://arcg.is/uOrOb      QR Code:   

The self-reporting survey is also accessible via https://tdem.texas.gov/warm/.

The objective of this survey is to identify damages across Texas, to help emergency management officials across the state gain an understanding of damages that have occurred during the recent winter weather.