Everything You Need to Know about Door-to-Door Sales In Athens


Everything You Need to Know about Door-to-Door Sales In Athens

The City has received quite a few Facebook questions regarding door-to-door sales.  We hope this short FAQ will help clear some of the confusion about how door-to-door sales works in Athens.

Why does the City regulate this?
The City regulates itinerant vendors as a matter of public safety.  By regulating door-to-door sales, our goal is to limit fraud and protect privacy.

Can anyone do door to door sales in Athens?
For the most part, yes. All those who sell a good or service door-to-door must abide by certain requirements placed on them by the City.  For most commercialenterprises, they will need an Itinerant Vendor License.

Which types of door-to-door sales need a license?
Generally, any type of retail, for-profit activity requires a license.  This includes sales to both residential and commercial properties.

Do nonprofit sales need a license too?
They do not.  Our ordinance specifically exempts certain activities such as:

  • Non-retail sales
  • Religious and charitable sales
  • Trade shows
  • Sales during fairs and festivals
  • Garage Sales (though a separate permit is required – see below)
  • Non-commercial printed materials

Non-retail sales?  What do you mean?
This means sales that are not intended for the final consumer.  Our ordinance defines this as “the sale of goods by a manufacturer or wholesaler to a retailer or to another wholesaler having a permanent place of business”.

Where do I get a license?  How much does it cost?
Applications for Itinerant Vendor Licenses can be found at the Development Services Center, 622 S. Prairieville.  The cost for the first person is $50.00 and each additional person is $10.00.  All licensees will be required to submit a surety bond worth $1,000.  Mobile food units will pay an annual fee of $300.00.

How long is it good for?  Do the door-to-door salespeople have to carry the license on them?
The license is good for one year.  After a year has passed new license will be required.  All license holders are required to carry the license on them when engaging in door-to-door sales and present it to anyone when requested.

If you have a license, can you sell door-to-door anywhere?
Yes you can unless that area of the city has a specific prohibition or there is some other state or federal law that prohibits or restricts that activity.

Does the license include any other types of sales?
While there are many types of sales that would be covered by the license, generally it covers door to door sales, food trucks, or any other moving vehicles or carts where goods or services are sold.

What if I think someone is selling without a license?
The easiest way to check if they have a license is to ask the vendor to show it to you.  They are required by ordinance to carry the license on them and present it when requested.  If they do not have a license, please call the City at 903-675-5131 to let us know.  Relay any identifying information such as a company name, vehicle information, or other details.  Those in violation of our ordinance will be issued a citation.

Are there hour limitations on door-to-door sales?
You bet!  All door-to-door sales, whether they require a license or not, must occur within the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.  This includes both weekdays and weekends.

I have more questions.
No problem!  Feel free to send us an email at info@athenstx.govor view our Chapter 13, Article 6 of the Athens Code of Ordinances.  We look forward to hearing from you.