Fire Chief John McQueary Honored For 10 Years of Faithful Service


Fire Chief John McQueary Honored For 10 Years of Faithful Service

On Monday, Mayor Monte Montgomery, and the Athens City Council honored Chief John McQueary for his faithful service in Athens as the Chief of the Athens Fire Department. Chief McQueary is retiring after 10 years of employment with the City.

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The former battalion chief of the Arlington Fire Department almost joined the police force but said choosing to become a part of the fire force was a “blessing in disguise.” 

After wrapping up his career in Arlington, McQueary applied for the job in Athens. He says that Athens was an ideal place to raise a family. 

Chief McQueary served in Athens for ten years and made several improvements in the Athens Fire Department during his time that include a new and improved fire truck as well as overall morale around the station. 

“I have been very proud and honored in serving the City of Athens and being part of the Athens Fire Department.” Chief McQueary said when asked to give a statement on retiring after 10 years. “Ten years ago, our department evaluated itself and found many good things but found much that needed to be improved upon, I believe we accomplished our mission in up-grading how we perform our services, we are more knowledgeable, skillful and safer at our jobs.

I believe any success I’ve had has come from the support and dedication from the members of our department and the attention and support of the City Council and City Manager’s I have worked with.

I hope my work has placed this department in a better position for success and increased the safety of our members along with the community and our guest.

My forty-five years with Athens and Arlington has proven to me that the fire service and its members are under rated, few people really understand our roles and responsibilities and how well trained we are in many fields of operations, this includes medical, hazmat, trench, high angle and water rescue. There is not a whole lot of cities and departments the size of Athens that can say their Fire Service possesses such operational skills; and I hope the citizens and leaders of Athens will recognize what a valued Fire Department they have.   

My career in Athens has been a blessing and I will always reflect how it has fulfilled and enlightened my life through the people I have worked with and have met.”

On Monday at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Mayor and Council honored Chief McQueary’s retirement with a plaque dedicated to his 10 years of service. Although he will be missed, Chief McQueary leaves behind a great legacy for the Athens Fire Department.

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