Henderson County Hazard Mitigation Plan


Henderson County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard mitigation describes actions taken to help reduce or eliminate long-term riskscaused by hazards or disasters, such as flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, or damfailure. As the costs of disasters continue to rise, governments and citizens must find waysto reduce hazard risks to our communities. As communities plan for new development andimprovements to existing infrastructure, mitigation can and should be an importantcomponent of the planning effort. While mitigation activities can and should be taken before a disaster occurs, hazardmitigation is essential after a disaster. Oftentimes after disasters, repairs and reconstructionare completed in such a way as to simply restore damaged property to pre-disasterconditions. These efforts may get the community back to normal, but the replication of pre-disaster conditions may result in a repetitive cycle of damage, reconstruction, and repeateddamage. This recurrent reconstruction becomes more expensive as the years go by. Hazardmitigation breaks this repetitive cycle by taking a long-term view of rebuilding andrecovering following disasters. The implementation of such hazard mitigation actions leadsto building stronger, safer and smarter communities that are better able to reduce futureinjuries and future damage.

Henderson County is updating their current hazard mitigation plan, (Annex P), of thecurrent basic emergency management plan. The City of Athens serves as a stakeholder inthe planning process. The County will seek public comment through December 15, 2020.

To review the draft hazard mitigation document, please click on the following link: CLICK HERE

Please submit your comments to info@athenstx.gov