The Cain Foundation Commits $2.5 Million to the City of Athens for Cain Center Renovations


The Cain Foundation Commits $2.5 Million to the City of Athens for Cain Center Renovations

Since January 2017 when the Cain Center closed its doors for extensive renovations, the City of Athens has worked with diligence to discuss, plan, and execute the improvements to the facility. The vision and goal for the renovation of the Cain Center was developed from a desire to provide critical maintenance renovations to the facility and to provide facility enhancements, which would preserve the Cain Center’s legacy as a beloved community and recreational center and that would bolster the revenue-making potential of the facility.

The Cain Foundation shares this same vision for reviving the Cain Center. Upon hearing about the City’s desire to renovate and revitalize the Cain Center, the foundation made a generous commitment to partner with the City of Athens in the redevelopment of this important facility. The Cain Foundation has communicated that they are “very pleased that the Athens community recognizes that the Cain Center is embedded in the identity of Athens and Henderson County, and that the Athens City Council has assumed responsibility to help ensure that the Cain Center continues to benefit and strengthen Athens by providing a facility for city, community and recreational purposes.”

In a Special Called City Council Session on December 20, 2017, Mayor Monte Montgomery publicly announced the Cain Foundation’s commitment of $2.5 million, to be used for renovations of the indoor swimming pool and natatorium area of the Cain Center. Presently, the estimated cost of the natatorium and all associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems is calculated between $2.5 and $3 million.

Blog Cain Center Current Pool

Pictured above is condition of the Cain Center swimming pool just prior to closing for renovations in January 2017.

“The gift that The Cain Foundation has made to the City of Athens to help revitalize the Cain Center is more than we could have imagined” said Mayor Monte Montgomery. “Their continued support for this community is a blessing for all citizens not just in Athens or Henderson County, but for visitors from around the country. As Mayor, I would like to give thanks to The Cain Foundation and also to John and Felicia Cain who’s continued love and support for this city is shown not only by this gift, but by the contributions they make regularly that go without mention.”

 In a written statement released by The Cain Foundation to the City of Athens, The Cain Foundation states “[it] is very supportive of the City’s leadership role, and has a strong interest in ensuring the Center’s long-term existence and continuing ability to provide public benefit and recreational and physical fitness opportunities.” Adding that they are “particularly supportive of the rebuilding of the swimming pool, the benefits of which are enjoyed by many people of the community.”

“The Cain Foundation board members are pleased to have the opportunity to provide a grant to assist with the redevelopment of the Cain Center for the benefit of the City of Athens and the residents of Henderson County” said Cain Foundation board member, John Cain.

The City of Athens Mayor and City Council wish to extend tremendous thanks to the Cain Foundation for their significant contribution to the Cain Center project. For questions regarding the Cain Center renovations, please contact City Hall at 903.675.5131 or e-mail