City Departments

The City of Athens delivers a full spectrum of municipal services to its residents, businesses and visitors.  To learn more about these services, please visit the “Residents” menu.  

The City is comprised of ten (10) operational departments.  

City Manager’s Office

  • Services:  Leadership and management of all city operations
  • Department Leadership:  Elizabeth Borstad, City Manager 
  • Contact Phone: (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email:

City Secretary’s Office

Police Department

  • Services:  Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Animal Control
  • Department Leadership:  Michael D. Hill, Jr., Chief of Police
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5454 
  • Contact Email:

Fire Department

  • Services:  Fire Suppression and Rescue, Fire Prevention, and Emergency Management
  • Department Leadership:  John McQueary, Fire Chief 
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 677-6636
  • Contact Email:

Public Services

  • Services:  Solid Waste and Recycling, Technology, Intergovernmental Relations, Utility Billing
  • Department Leadership:  Ryan Adams, Managing Director of Public Services 
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email:

Community Services

  • Services:  Streets and Drainage, Parks, Culture, and Airport Management
  • Department Leadership:  Thanasis Kombos, Assistant City Manager 
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email:

Development Services


  • Services:  Budget and Finance, Audits, Municipal Court
  • Department Leadership:  Daniel Crawford, Interim Finance Director 
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email:

Human Resources

  • Services:  Recruitment, Civil Service, Risk Management, and Employee Relations
  • Department Leadership:  Jennifer Robertson, Human Resources Director 
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email:


  • Services:  Water Treatment, Water Distribution and Collection, and Wastewater Treatment
  • Department Leadership:  Randy Williams, Utilities Director
  • Contact Phone:  (903) 675-5131
  • Contact Email: