Development Services: Inspections

Inspections are required for all permitted work.  Small projects may only require one inspection while larger projects may require multiple inspections over time.  

If at any time you have quesitons relating to your project, we recommend you contact our office.  We are more than happy to speak with you about your concerns before coming for an on-site inspection.

Inspection Requests

When requesting an inspection, please call the Development Services Department at 903-677-6615.

We strive to respond to all inspection request on the same day; however, circumstances may require that we perform the inspection on the next business day.  Unless otherwise directed, a project representative must be available at the time of inspection.  City staff are happy to coordinate a specific time for you inspection if that would help to ensure that the project representative is available.  

Inspection Requirements

Please take note of the following to ensure a smooth inspection.

  1. Permits: The project must be permitted.  No inspections will be performed unless a permit has been approved.
  2. First Inspection: When you receive your permit, make sure you are aware of when you will need to request your first inspection.
  3. Representative: A project representative must be on site during the inspection.  
  4. Viewable: The work must be viewable.  If the work that is to be inspected has been covered, you may be required to remove the cover at your expense.
  5. Reinspections: Multiple reinspections of the same work due to non-conformance with the code may result in a fee for reinspections.
  6. Reach Out. Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.