Police Recruits Earn Awards at Academy
Four recent graduates of the police academy will be joining the Athens Police Department soon. All four of them distinguished themselves during their time in school.

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of these individuals. According to academy staff, each of them represented the City of Athens at the highest level. Their individual commitment and the commitment of their families is greatly appreciated,” said Police Chief John Densmore.

Christopher Sherrick, the class Valedictorian, and Matthew Halbert, third in the class, will soon be department members. Joshua Davis, who placed in the Top 10, and Emerald Castillo, who won the Brent Thompson Leadership Award, are applying to the department.

“Congratulations to each of them on graduating the academy,” said Chief Densmore. “It is not an easy endeavor.”

Matthew Halbert, Christopher Sherrick, Joshua Davis 

Emerald Castillo 

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