Pinkerton Sewer Line Replacement Project

The North Pinkerton Sewer Line Replacement project is scheduled for the City of Athens.

This is a Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) project administered by the Texas Water Development Board.

CWSRF partially funds the project through revenue bonds of $1,080,000 and $466,404 in principal forgiveness. The balance of the recently awarded $2,053,470 construction cost for the project will come from the City of Athens funds Utility Fund.

This project will replace and upgrade sewer lines along Pinkerton Street from Williams Street to the North Wastewater Treatment Plant. Approximately 4,400 feet of the pipeline will be replaced, upgrading from an 8-inch pipe to a 12-inch pipe, and 20 new manholes will be installed. The new sewer line will also replace an existing parallel pipeline east of Pinkerton through a heavily wooded area.

The purpose of this project is to remove an underperforming sewer main and improve accessibility.

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