Cain Center Summer Camp Helps 7-Year-Old Learn to Swim and Build Memories

Meet Skylar Sinclair. 

Skylar was one of the more than 60 kids to take part in this year's Cain Center Summer Camp, and she is taking home more than just memories, she also has a new skill.

At the start of last week, the 7-year-old from Central Elementary School couldn't swim. Now she can go from one side of the Cain Center pool to the other.

Skylar learned how to swim thanks to the Cain Center's Jake Graf and Hunter McDonald.

The best part of her new skill, according to Skylar? "You can swim where you want!"

Skylar also loved the rest of Summer Camp.

"I wish they had this all the time," she said.

Are you ready to build new skills and memories? Then visit us at the Cain Center!

(Photo: Skylar swims in the Cain Center pool with Hunter McDonald.)

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