City Services

Airport Management

The City of Athens manages the day to day operations of the Athens Municipal Airport including runway maintenance and the leasing of airplane hangars.  

For more information, contact Athens City Hall at 903-675-5131 or email

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works to stabilize property values by working with property owners to fix or demolish substandard structures, mow landscaped areas, remove debris and trash from property, and move junked or abandoned vehicles.

For more information, contact Development Services at 903-677-6616 or email

Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Division has as its primary functions the performance of inspections and issuance of permits to insure compliance with City Ordinances as pertaining to construction, substandard structures, and building code violations. The department also responds to zoning and building variance requests and manages the City’s comprehensive planning process.  

For more information on permitting and zoning, please see the Permits and Inspections page.

For more information on Planning and Development, contact Development Services at 903-677-6615 or email

Street and Drainage

The City is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient passage on all streets and roads in the City limits.  The Streets Division implements programs for maintaining City streets, draining facilities, and traffic control devices.

For more information, contact Athens City Hall at 903-675-5131 or email